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High Paying Keywords for Web Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in breaking into other ways of making money online (outside of freelance writing) you should consider learning about the keywords that pay the most. In turn, this will allow you to create niche blogs or sites around these topics. Although this information can be hard to come by if you are searching on your own, there are tools that you can use to your advantage.

Most recently, I checked out the list of “999 High Paying Keywords” at Although you have to subscribe to the blog’s feed in order to receive this list, most agree that it is well worth the time. To go along with this, you will also receive other freebies such as a case study on how to earn big time money with Google AdSense.

Out of the 999 keywords on the list, chances are that you can find a few that pertain to a blog or site that you already manage. While you may not be able to incorporate all of the highest paying keywords into your blog’s content, finding a few is more than possible.

All in all, anytime that you can get information like this for free, you might as well move forward. I have yet to use most of the keyword lists that I have compiled over the past few months, but you never know when they will come in handy. 

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