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Your Freelance Writing Competition

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about your freelance writing competition? If so, you should change your ways in 2008. Time that you spend thinking about your competition is time that you could spend increasing your business and profits. When it comes down to it, there are several reasons that you do not need to concern yourself with your competition.

1. There are enough freelance writing projects to keep everybody happy. Even though the market may seem small, this is because you are not looking at the big picture. There is no reason to be envious of your competition. Instead, work hard to find your own projects. Once you carve out a niche, you will be well on your way.

2. Is it really possible to keep track of all your freelance writing competition? The answer is no. There is no possible way that you could keep tabs on every freelance writer in the world. So if you cannot track what all your competition is doing, why track what some of them are doing? Remember, almost every business has competitors. It is your unique features that will allow you to pass them by.

3. You are better than your competition! Not only does this probably hold true, but it is also a frame of mind. You do not have to be the best freelance writer in the world to find work; just good enough to appeal to some clients. And as mentioned above, you need to be confident in your skills. This will show through in your work, as well as when you are communicating with clients.

As you can see, constantly thinking about your freelance writing competition is a waste of time. Instead, concentrate only on what you can control!

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