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Your Biggest Freelance Writing Project

If you are like most freelance writers, almost every project is different from the next. This holds true with the project itself, as well as the income that you will earn. After looking over my stats from last year, I noticed that I completed a wide variety of jobs. They ranged from short descriptions that paid no more than $5 for 50 words to longer feature articles that paid in excess of $1,000, as well as many others. While it would be nice to only dabble in the larger freelance writing projects, we all know that this is not always possible.

There are two ways that you can categorize your “biggest” freelance writing projects. First off, you can do so by the actual size. For instance, a project that requires you to write 1,000 SEO articles would obviously be bigger than one feature of 500 words. On the other side of things, you can categorize projects by how much you will get paid by the client. For me, it is important to keep both the size and payment in mind. This allows me to make sure that I am getting paid enough money for the size of the project that I am taking on. You may think that $1,000 is a nice sized payment, but it is quite small if you have to write 500 articles to get the money.

So you are probably wondering what my biggest project of 2007 looked like, right? For me, it was work that I did for a large insurance company. It consisted of writing several press releases, a few SEO articles, and some miscellaneous content here and there. Not only was this my biggest job of the year in terms of income, but it was also one of the most enjoyable. This was the case because I enjoy writing about insurance, and the client was a treat to work with. In the end, this one project earned me a little more than $3,000 via PayPal. As you can imagine, the PayPal fee on this project was huge!

What was your biggest freelance writing project of 2007? You don’t have to give exact figures or data, but any information is sure to be useful to all of us.

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