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You don’t have to be experienced to become a Freelance Writer

How much writing experience do you have? No matter who you are, there is a very good chance that you have had to write content at some point in the past. This includes anything from an essay for a college course to a sales letter for your job and everything in between. While this may not be exactly the same as the writing you will do as a freelancer, there are some similarities. After all, writing is writing no matter if you are keeping it for yourself or selling it off to a client.

The point of this post is to let you know that you don’t have to be experienced to become a freelance writer. I receive so many emails from aspiring writers who feel that they have no chance of success because they have never freelanced in the past. This is silly if you think about it. Did I have freelance writing experience when I first started? Of course not. Remember, everybody has to start somewhere. Everybody has to take on their first freelance writing gig at some point in time.

Don’t let your lack of formal freelance writing experience hold you back from making this your career. As noted above, you probably have some level of writing experience – even if it is only basic. This is all you need in order to make the transition to the freelance industry.

It is a shame that so many aspiring freelance writers are stopped in their tracks because they feel they are not experienced enough. Don’t let what you have (or haven’t) done in the past stop you from reaching your goals in the future. Chances are that you have enough experience and skills to try your hand at freelance writing.

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