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You don’t need to Beg for Work

Day after day I receive emails from aspiring freelance writers begging for work. Some of them have even gone as far as offering to work for as little as $1/word. While you may want to get started on your way to freelance writing success, you should never beg for work. The reason for this is simple: you do not have to beg in order to find clients and achieve success. There is enough work to go around, and if you continue to market your skills you will find clients.

There are a couple of things working against you when you beg for work. First and foremost, the person who you are directing your inquiry is not going to understand what you are getting at. Personally, I can never figure out what somebody really wants when they send me an email asking for work. It would be much easier if they would just outline their experience, tell me their goals, and ask if I can help.

Moving on, the time that you spend begging for work is time that you could spend on other tasks. An email is an email. Why not spend your time getting in touch with editors who are looking to take on new freelance writers? You will be much better off targeting people who are hiring writers, as opposed to hoping that you can beg a job from somebody else.

Simply put, you do not need to beg for freelance writing work. Instead, use your skills to obtain projects from companies and webmasters who are hiring. 

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