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You aren’t Perfect, Keep Moving on

It is not uncommon to become bogged down by minor details. This is something that many freelance writers struggle with, and you are probably the same in many ways. But listen up. You are not perfect so you need to keep moving on no matter what it takes. Of course, you need to use this advice wisely. Here are two situations: one when you need to be perfect and one when you should do your best and then move on.
1. When working on a project for a client you need to be perfect. No matter how long it takes you want to make sure the end result is accurate in terms of spelling, grammar, structure, etc. After all, if you don’t do your best you should not expect the client to come back to you time after time. Even though it can be difficult to proof your work several times it will work out in your favor in the end.

2. If you are a freelance writer you may not have many technical and design skills. Even if you don’t excel in these areas you may need to tackle related tasks from time to time. For instance, I prefer to do a lot of the work on my blogs and other sites. I may not do all the design and tech work, but in the long run the maintenance and other minor details rest on my shoulders. While I try to make everything as perfect as possible, I have found that this is not always easy. In turn, I have learned to move past minor imperfections and onto details that are more important. So what if I can’t line up an image exactly as I want it? So what if a particular plugin isn’t working? These are minor details that don’t mean too much in the long run. No, you don’t want to get sloppy with your work, but you do need to know when to move on.

Nobody is perfect. As a freelance writer you want to strive for perfection when it comes to work for your clients. But with some details, such as minor imperfections (noted above) with your own projects, make sure you spend your time on what matters most. As long as you keep moving forward you are always taking another step towards success.

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