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Would you sell your Blog?

When I first started this blog, my main goal was to reach out to the freelance writing industry in an attempt to give something back. After only one year, I feel that I have reached a few of my goals. Traffic is currently growing, my RSS readership is hovering around 350, and my freelance writing course has taken off.

This past weekend I was surprised to receive an email from somebody who is interested in purchasing ChrisBlogging. Over the past few months I began to move away from personal posts and more into freelance writing information in general. That being said, I never thought that somebody would make an offer to purchase the blog; especially since it is not listed for sale.

I was not sure what to make of this offer, so I asked the potential buyer to contact me via phone; which he did. While I believe that the buyer is serious, I immediately turned down the deal. Simply put, I am not ready to give up the blog at this time. It has become a big part of my freelance writing career, and is beginning to generate more revenue than I ever thought possible; this is probably why the offer was extended to me.

This leads me to the question of whether or not you would ever sell your blog? The offer for my blog was not huge, but at the same time, enough to get me thinking. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the increasing RSS count as well as the $1,000 monthly income from my course.

Are you like me? Or would you jump at the opportunity to sell your blog if a solid offer was made?

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4 Comments »BloggingJuly 29th, 2008

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