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Workspace for the Self-Employed

The majority of people who are self-employed work at home. While this may seem like a great benefit of working for yourself, it also means that you need to set up a designated workspace. Sure, you could get away with sharing a room, but a place used solely for your business is always beneficial.

My workspace is nothing to be envious of. In fact, I am always looking to upgrade. Generally speaking, I have an L-shaped desk, a smaller table next to this desk, two printers, a USB hard drive, a desktop computer, and a laptop. This works out well for me because I have a spare bedroom that I use as an office.

But what if you don’t have any extra space? If this is a problem you are running into, there are some solutions. One, you may be able to clear out a little nook in your bedroom. Or maybe you can get creative and build an office in the attic or basement. Any place where there is extra space could serve you just fine. This is especially true if you have a career, such as a freelance writer, where you do not need much more than a laptop and a printer.

In my opinion, having a proper workspace is very important. If you feel comfortable and are proud of your surroundings, you will surely work better. In turn, this will pay off in the way of happiness, and of course, profits.

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