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Working from a Neutral Location

Do you ever decide to pick up your laptop and head to a “neutral” location to do your work? This is something that many freelance writers strongly believe in. Personally, I have never done this but realize that there are some benefits of doing so.

Those who I have asked about this tell me that working from a neutral location helps them to “break the boredom” of their home office. I can totally see where they are coming from because it is very easy to get bored when you work at home, day in and day out, with nobody around.

My question would be this: how hard do you find it to concentrate when working from a location other than your home base? This could be anything from a coffee shop to a local internet café. I like to have all my essentials close by. Obviously, when working from a neutral location you don’t have the ability to take your entire desk. I guess you could take everything you need, stapler and all, but this would not make much sense from a convenience point of view.

Even though I often times get the urge to try this out, it is one of those things that I never get around to. I would love to hear input on the pros and cons of doing this, as well as how you finally decided to take the leap. Feel free to leave a comment for everybody to read, or send me a quick email if you want to talk one-on-one. 

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7 Comments »Freelance WritingMarch 27th, 2009

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