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Weekend Quick Tip: Your First Week as a Work at Home Freelancer

So you have decided to take the leap and become a work at home freelance writer? If so, you already took the most difficult step, in my opinion. The act of giving up the rat race and heading for a career as a freelancer is a big step. And once you get past this you can begin to work towards a successful career that you will truly enjoy.

Of course, reality will set in soon enough when you realize that you must now make your dream of becoming a freelance writer come true. Your first week working in this capacity is not going to be easy. There will be a lot going through your mind, and some of it will be bad. But if you stick with your choice and continue to work hard you will get out of your first week unscathed.

During your first week as a work at home freelancer you may run into some doubt. Should I have made the change? Is this the best career path for me? Doubt is common, and you should not let this slow you down. Every freelance writer had to deal with this early in their career. The best thing you can do is face this doubt head on as to find a way to work around it.

Also, expect your work environment to be different. You will no longer be in an office with co-workers, but instead at home alone or with your family. Just like the doubt you are going to face, this is a big change. It took me a few weeks to become comfortable working at home. Even though it is a big change, it is one that you will probably enjoy once you settle into a routine.

This post is not meant to prepare you for everything you will face as a new work at home freelance writer. But it is meant to open your eyes to the doubt, uncertainty, and change that will be staring you in the face.

Once you make the decision to work at home as a freelance writer you are on your way to success. Don’t give up no matter what obstacles you face. 

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