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Why some Freelance Writers Fail

Chris, why am I failing as a freelance writer? Believe it or not, I receive this sort of message at least once per week. It is hard to see that so many people are aspiring to become full-time freelance writers but are coming up way short. It is never easy for me to tell somebody why they are not achieving success. After all, I don’t know exactly what each person is doing or what goals they are trying to reach.

Through my years of addressing this situation I have found that most freelance writers fail for the same common reasons:

1. They don’t put in enough time. Contrary to popular belief, becoming a freelance writer takes time. Don’t think you are going to start writing today, find new clients tomorrow, and begin making tens of thousands of dollars by next month. It is very important that you are patient while putting in the time necessary to succeed.

2. They don’t have the proper skills. Not everybody is a good writer. I am good at writing, but stink at math. Some people are great with numbers but don’t have the skills to write compelling content. If you don’t enjoy writing and/or don’t have the skills, find a career path that better suits you.

3. They lack a business and marketing plan. If you are going to achieve success you need a plan. Early in my career I put together a business and marketing plan. To this day I still rely on both, although they have changed quite a bit over the years. Even if your plan is not in-depth, it is better than nothing. 

Are you not achieving as much success as you would like? Consider the three points above and whether or not they are causing your problems. 

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