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Why so many are interested in Freelance Writing

The number of people interested freelance writing is astonishing. Everyday I receive a couple of emails from aspiring writers, asking me what they can do to get their career off the ground. Along with this, 90 percent of those in my freelance writing course are new to the industry and hoping to take off in the near future.

This leads to the question: why are so many interested in freelance writing?

1. You are your own boss. I think that this is the main reason why freelance writing has become so popular. To me, it appears that more and more people are getting fed up working long hours so somebody else can get rich. When you are a freelance writer you are in charge – it is that simple.

2. The internet makes it easy. Let’s be honest, freelance writing is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of using snail mail and fax to communicate. With the internet anybody can create a website, add samples, and begin to search for clients. Ease of entry has definitely led to more interest in freelance writing.

3. Money, money, money. Everybody wants to make good money, and as a freelance writer you have the chance to do just that. There are quite a few top level writers earning tens of thousands of dollars per month. While it may take a few years to reach the top of the industry, hard work and dedication will get you there soon enough.

Did you get your start in freelance writing thanks to any of the reasons listed above? Do you have any other ideas as to why this career choice has become so popular? It is safe to say that freelance writing is growing in popularity, and that this trend is not going to settle down anytime soon.

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