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Why should a Buyer hire you?

Applying for a freelance writing job usually means that you will be up against some competition. In fact, it is not uncommon for a company or webmaster to receive hundreds of applications for a single position. Are you intimidated yet? If not, good for you. There is no reason to be scared. If you know what you have to offer you can use this to your advantage. Hopefully this will result in your resume being pushed to the top of the pile.

Why should a client hire you as a freelance writer? The answers to this question will determine whether or not you land the job or miss out.

1. Show the client that you have the experience to do the job. The best way of doing this is by sending relative work samples. For instance, if a webmaster is hiring a freelance writer to create 50 articles on the wedding industry you will want to send related samples. This alone will give you a better chance than somebody who sends no samples or samples that are not related to the wedding industry.

2. Quality counts. Anybody can put together slop, but this is not what clients want to pay for. It is your job to show that you complete quality work time after time. Again, you can show this easily enough by sending samples.

3. Your rates are competitive. You must be very careful with this. I did not say that you should lower your rates in order to win a job. But I did say that you should be competitive. Yes, this is a difficult decision to deal with. On one side you want to keep your rates competitive, but on the other side you know that you are worth the high end of the scale. I deal with this situation on a case by case basis since every buyer is different.

Give every buyer a reason to hire you. If you show your experience and quality, while also offering a reasonable rate, you will be in the game when it comes time for a hiring decision to be made.

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