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Why I use BlueHost for Hosting my Blogs

When starting a blog one of the most important decisions that you need to make is what host you will use. While many people get started on a free blogging platform, I do not advise this. After all, you want to be in complete control at all times. 

Although I made many early mistakes, I have finally decided that BlueHost is the best hosting company for my blogs. This is not to say that they are better than the competition, but in my opinion they have everything that a blogger could be looking for.

Here are three reasons that I use BlueHost for hosting my blogs.

1. From my experiences, there is no better customer service team out there in the hosting industry. This is the one thing that I was really interested in when searching for a new host, and BlueHost has never disappointed. I use their “live chat” feature time after time, and there is always a ready and willing representative to assist me. Since I lack technical skills, being able to have a BlueHost rep walk me through certain processes is a huge help.

2. When you sign up with BlueHost you will get a free domain name forever! This is not a huge deal, but for new bloggers it is a definite benefit. It is nice to get something for free when you open an account, and there is nothing better than the potential of a domain name.

3. For $6.95/month you can get a decent hosting package that will probably suit the needs of your blog; at least during the beginning stages. This price includes 300 gigabytes of hosting space, 3,000 GIGS of transfer, 2,500 POP email accounts, and much more.

If you are ready to start a blog or website, or are having a hard time with your current host, check out BlueHost.

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6 Comments »BlueHost, HostingAugust 1st, 2007

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