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Why I got Involved with Freelance Writing

There are many reasons why I decided to get involved with freelance writing a few years back. It is easy to say now that I made the right decision. But as you probably know from your own experience, starting a career as a freelance writer is full of uncertainty.

Here are three reasons why I got involved with freelance writing:

1. I wanted to be my own boss. After working for other people for a few years it became obvious that I would do better on my own. I wanted to call the shots on everything from when to wake up to how to market my services. When you work as a freelance writer you are in charge of your business. While this is a big responsibility, it also feels real good!

2. I received my college degree in journalism. When researching opportunities I decided to focus on industries in which I had experience. Writing was something that I studied for many years so it only made sense to move in this direction. While I could have worked for a newspaper, this did not align with my other goal of being my own boss.

3. Freedom. Perhaps the biggest benefit of being a freelance writer is the freedom. I can wake up when I went, take breaks when I want, and basically make any decision that I feel is good for me and my business. In my opinion, freedom is more important than money.

As you can see, I did not get involved with freelance writing for the money. While I eventually began to earn a decent income, this was not my primary goal. I figured as long as I was earning enough to make ends meet that I would be fine for the time being. 

If you are trying to decide whether or not to get involved with freelance writing consider my reasons as well as any of your own. Soon enough you should be able to make a well informed, educated decision.

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