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Why do Clients Hire Freelance Writers?

In order to fully understand the freelance writing industry, you must first have a better idea of why clients hire for this type of help. When you know why a client may hire you, it will make it easier for you to position yourself for success.

Here are four common reasons that a client will hire a freelance writer.

1. In many cases a client may want to do the work on their own. But due to time constraints, they are forced to hire a freelance writer. Just as you do not have time to take on every job, the same thing holds true for your clients.

2. You can do the job better. Freelance writers specialize in creating content that works. Believe it or not, some companies do not have anybody on staff that is capable of writing with a high level of success. In turn, if they want to get the job done right the only option is to hire a freelance writer.

3. In many cases, hiring a freelance writer is cheaper than having somebody in-house do the work. This holds true for two reasons: 1. An in-house employee already has enough work to do. If they must also work on writing projects it can affect their quality across the board. 2. Hiring a full-time employee for nothing more than writing related tasks can be quite expensive. But on the other hand, outsourcing jobs to freelance writers is cost effective.

4. A freelance writer can bring a fresh outlook to the client. The fact of the matter is that a company often times gets stuck “inside a box” because they do all of their own work. A freelance writer will be able to offer insight and suggestions for improvement.

Of course, there are many others reasons that freelance writers are hired; these are simply the more common ones. Now that you know why you may get hired for a job, you should be able to better position your offerings. For instance, you can play up the fact that hiring you is more cost effective than having a full-time employee. Get creative with the marketing ploys that you use to increase business.

All in all, companies have been hiring freelance writers for many years, and this will never change. By playing off of the four points above, you should be able to come up with several new marketing ideas. 

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