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Who I am…What I do…

With every new blog, I like to make the first post general in nature. After all, you probably have a few questions about who I am, what I do, and much more.

Who am I?

As I mention in the “Me” page at the top of the blog, I am a freelance writer and professional blogger. Although that is a pretty broad description, I plan to show you just what it means in the near future.

Generally speaking, three or so years ago I was fed up with the corporate world so I decided to go at it alone. Since I received my degree in Professional Writing, I figured that this was the right direction. I will talk more about how I built up my career in later posts, but for now, I am earning anywhere from three to four times more than I did when I worked for somebody else. I figure, “why work for somebody else, when I can do it on my own and take home all the profits?”

What I do?

Although some people may think that writing day in and day out is boring, I love it. Not only do I make more than enough money, but the work is fun. My projects range from website content to feature articles to blogging. This diversity allows me to experience something different everyday of the week.

So how did you like the first post? If anybody has questions or comments, let me know. From here on out I will be posting on anything and everything that has to do with freelance writing, blogging, and internet marketing! 

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