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When your Freelance Writing Career Stalls

Is your freelance writing career at a stand still? Has your progress stalled as of late? If so, you need to keep one thing in mind: this is something that every freelance writer has to deal with. Although you want to keep these slow times to a minimum, it is tough to keep them out of your business altogether. Fortunately, when your freelance writing career stalls there are certain measures that you can take.

1. Call or email past clients if you are having a difficult time drumming up new business. They may not have anything for you at the moment, but at the very least you will be fresh in their mind. On several different occasions I have emailed a past client which resulted in a project by the next day. Sometimes all somebody needs is a little push. If you give them the nudge, it will help you to get out of your funk.

2. Market, market, market. When your freelance writing career stalls, begin to market your services extensively. Not only should you do this as you always have, but try to think of new techniques for expanding your reach. For instance, do you have a blog? If not, you may want to start one as a way of kicking your freelance writing career into high gear. Marketing is a big part of your success, but only if your plan results in increased projects and income.

3. Be patient, and wait for something to break your way. But remember, while you are being patient you still need to push forward. Sitting around and hoping for a big break is not going to get you far. While it is important to be patient, you need to make your own luck.

If you run into a roadblock, there is no reason to give up on your career or become satisfied with earning less. Instead, call on past clients, market your services, and stay patient. In no time at all you will begin to move forward once again!

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