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What’s wrong with Talking to Clients on the Phone?

In 2011, more clients than ever have been calling me on the phone as opposed to communicating solely via email. Of course, I don’t have a problem with this. I would often rather take a quick phone call than send several emails back and forth – hoping to get everything out in the open.

This leads to a very important question: why do so many freelance writers avoid phone conversations at all costs? Here are three common reasons:

1. Scared of saying the wrong thing. With email you have time to think before answering or asking questions. The same cannot be said with a phone conversation. Instead, you have to “go with the flow” and “think on your feet.” This is one of those things that you simply have to get used to. With a little bit of practice you will settle in soon enough.

2. Don’t want to get caught off guard. Again, you never have to worry about this on email. On the phone, though, there is always the chance that a client will ask a question that you are not expecting. What will you do? What will you say? This is linked to the details listed in number one above. You are scared of what could happen if you are caught off guard.

While a valid concern, there is not much you can do. As long as you are open and honest and provide answers as you see fit, you are doing your job.

3. Fear that you will get sucked into a long conversation. This is a different type of fear. You don’t mind speaking with clients, but every time the phone rings you have to worry about how much time it will take out of your day. The best thing you can do is get to the point, without being rude, and then attempt to wind down the conversation as quickly as possible. Chances are that your client is just as busy as you. If they get the feeling that you are in a hurry the conversation will move forward at a much faster pace.

Do you avoid phone conversations due to one or more of these reasons? Don’t let this hold you back any longer. There are solutions to every problem.

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