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What Type of Freelance Writing Work do you do?

Over the past few days I have received five to ten emails asking the same question: what type of freelance writing work do you do? I assume that the majority of those asking this question believe that by taking on the same projects they will be able to earn more money. While this is true to a certain extent, the clients that you work with are just as important, if not more so, than the projects that you accept. In other words, some freelance writing clients pay much better than others.

Although my workload changes from month to month, here are three of my most common gigs:

Feature Articles

I have said time after time that Writer’s Market is a great way to find publications that accept freelance writers. Although I have not queried many magazines over the past few months, I plan on picking up the pace in the weeks to come. For an idea of what kind of features I write, check out my article Are you too Trusting? in Insight Magazine.

Corporate Blogging

Over the past few months I have began to pick up more and more clients in this area. Companies are looking to form a web presence, and for this reason many are hiring bloggers. At this time I work with several large companies in this capacity. My duties include everything from writing content to uploading images and increasing traffic.

Keyword Articles

As long as there is an internet there will always be a need for quality content. Keyword articles make up a large chunk of my business. Clients buy these articles in bulk hoping that they will help their sites to rank better in the search engines. Keyword articles can be a lot of fun if you enjoy the topic that you are researching and writing about.

Of course, I work on many other types of freelance writing projects as well. Generally speaking, I have experience in many areas and tend to accept jobs within all of them as long as they meet my specifications. What type of projects do you guys and gals prefer?

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