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What to Include in a Cold Email

Are you the type of freelance writer that enjoys sending cold emails? If you are like most people, you agree that this is easier than making a cold call. Although you may not achieve the same level of success, it is definitely a marketing method that you want to consider.

When sending out a cold email you need to include all the right information. After all, you want to give yourself the best chance of receiving a response. Here are three things you definitely need to include in the body (never include attachments) of your email:

1. Short introduction. Time and time again I receive emails from people that are pages long. While I do not mind reading them, I find myself skimming from time to time. If you want your recipient to read your email in its entirety, use a short, catchy introduction.

2. Experience. This is not the place to write about every one of your accomplishments. That being said, make sure you include some details on your experience. For example, if you are emailing an editor for a sports publication you may want to mention sports related websites/magazines that you have worked for in the past.

3. Your contact information. Believe it or not, after sending a batch of cold emails I almost always receive a few phone calls. Not everybody will want to respond via email, so make sure you include your phone number.

By following these three tips you will be forced to customize every email. By doing so, you are improving your chance of a response.

If you enjoy cold emailing and hope to increase your efficiency and response rate, follow these tips.

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