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What Tiger Woods can teach you about Blogging

Although I am not the biggest golf fan in the world, watching Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open this weekend was something special. Even though he ended up in second place, it was still a thrill to watch him walk the fairways of Oakmont; especially since the course is only a few minutes from home.

Just like anything else in my life, I began to contemplate what Tiger could teach us about blogging. Even if golf is his forte, he probably knows darn good and well that he affects people in a number of different ways. And as a blogger, he definitely did this for me.

Here are three things that Tiger can teach us all about blogging.

1. You cannot always be the best, and not giving up is something to be proud of. Think about it this way. Tiger plays several tournaments each year, and more times than not, he comes up on the losing end of the stick. But with that being said, he comes back time and time again. You may not have the most popular blog in the world, but as long as you stick with things you will make small victories along the way. Do you think Tiger is going to skip the U.S. Open next year because he came in second this time around?

2. It is important to know what you are good at, and then follow through with this day in and day out. Tiger knows what he is good at, and how to make this work for him. Instead of going against your strengths, you would be much better off doing what you are good at. You will find out that this helps you to become a better blogger in the long run. This is not to say that broadening your horizons is bad, but in blogging, you need to do what you know. If golf is your favorite sport, why not blog about it? This is a much better decision than starting a blog on quilting or some other random topic.

3.  Persistence pays off. Even when it looks like Tiger is down and out, he is always working hard to reach his goals. Be persistent with everything that has to do with your blog. This includes everything from making regular posts to marketing on a regular basis. If Tiger would have given up after his first loss, where would he be today?

Tiger Woods is an icon, has millions of dollars, and is living large. If you want to follow in his footsteps (at least in the world of blogging) you should consider the lessons that he teaches on the course!

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