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What is a Full-Time Freelance Writing Income?

What would it take for you to quit your current job and move into freelance writing on a full-time basis? You all know what may freelance writing income looks like, but when I started I was not nearly as successful. It took many months of making no more than $2,500 to reach my current income level.

Before you decide to jump into freelance writing full-time, you need to know what number you are chasing. Generally speaking, this should be the income level that you must reach in order to keep your head above water. For instance, if you can live on $2,000/month, you should strive to make at least this much. And remember, you will have to pay taxes on your income. If you need $2k to live, you will have to bring in right around $2,500 or so per month to break even. Not knowing how much you need to earn can make for a very painful transition into the world of full-time freelance writing. This is why it is a good idea to have some extra money saved that can carry you for a few months. 

As you can see, you are the only one who knows how much money you need to make. Some people will do just fine with a couple thousand dollars from freelance writing, whereas others would need much more to support their family and current style of living. No matter what position you are in, make sure that you know what you are striving for. From there, break down your income goals into smaller chunks. This will allow you to know just how much you have to earn each day to successfully reach your freelance writing income goal for the month.

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