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What don’t you like about Freelance Writing?

There are probably several good reasons why you decided to become a freelance writer. I love the freedom, potential earnings, and the ability to work at home. What excites you? While it is important to know what you enjoy about freelance writing, you also need to think about the details that don’t sit well in your mind. In other words, what don’t you like about freelance writing?

Just like any career, there are going to be things about freelance writing that you do not enjoy. Some of the more common drawbacks include:

1. Working alone. Although working at home is a huge benefit, it means that you will not have any daily interaction with other workers. Will this bother you? Time after time I hear from writers who are having a hard time with this part of their career.

2. You are in charge of everything. It is a big mistake to think that the only thing you will be doing is writing. Sure, your main duty is to produce content for clients. But along with this you are also responsible for sales, marketing, accounting, and many other tasks. Do you have the time and patience to handle all aspects of your business with success?

3. One on one client interaction. You may be surprised to hear that this is something many freelance writers do not enjoy. I love talking with clients via email, phone, and even in person. That being said, some freelancers feel the opposite way – they hate this part of the job. If you are not willing to interact with clients you should probably stay away from a freelance writing career.

Remember this: just because you don’t like a particular detail of freelance writing does not mean you should give up. No matter what job you are working, there are bound to be pros and cons. Freelance writing is no different.

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