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What could you do better as a Freelance Writer?

Every freelance writer is capable of improving in one way or the next. This holds true for me as well as everybody else. The important thing is that you realize this to be true, and that you continue to improve as each day goes by.

What could you do better as a freelance writer? This is a question that you should ask on a regular basis – I know I do. Upon starting my career I was disorganized. Although I did not think this was a problem at first, soon enough I realized that I was only fooling myself. While this had nothing to do with my actual writing, in the long run it was holding me back from becoming as successful as possible.

Sometimes it is difficult to admit that you could be doing something better. We all like to think we are perfect, and that everything is falling in place exactly as it should. But is this really the case? Probably not. If you cannot find something that you can improve on, ask clients what they see. There is a good chance that your clients will praise you for the most part, but also point out some details that they would like you to improve upon. This type of feedback from clients is invaluable.

I don’t want this to be an overly long post that confuses you into thinking that you are not doing anything right. Instead, I want it to show you that there is always room for improvement. Even if you like the way your freelance writing career is going, you can always get better at certain things. In the end, this will mean even more success and profits. 

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