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Weekend Quick Tip: Do you Get Excited about your work?

If you are a freelance writer you should get excited about your work. If you do not, you may be following the wrong career path. One of the main reasons that I became a freelance writer was that I knew it would bring joy to my work life. And although I moved into this career a few years ago, I still get excited about my work.

What does it mean to get excited about your freelance writing work? To me, this means loving what you do and not dreading the workday. If you wake up in the morning thinking about how bad work is going to be, you need to find a new career. This holds true no matter if you are a freelance writer, CEO, or anything in between. When you do not get excited about your career and dread heading to the office, it is time for a change.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when being a freelance writer is tough work. To go along with this, there are times when the excitement dies down for one reason or the next. But with that being said, a few down times should not chase you away. You should only begin to think about a change if all the excitement is gone and you are simply going through the motions.

All in all, the most successful freelance writers get excited about their work. If you enjoy your job, it will show through and in turn allow you to become a huge success! 

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