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Weekend Deadlines

Earlier today I made a post about freelance writing deadline do’s and don’ts. Shortly thereafter, I spoke with a past client about a rush job that they need help with. In this case, the word rush really meant rush. They wanted me to complete a batch of SEO articles for them by tomorrow night. As you can imagine, this means that I would have to work a lot of the day today, as well as some of tomorrow.

Should you take on weekend deadlines? In the case outlined above, I said yes. There are a couple of reasons that I did this. First off, I was able to negotiate a higher price since they wanted the work done on a rush, weekend basis. Additionally, they have been good to me in the past, so it will definitely work out to my advantage in the future.

When accepting a new project and discussing a deadline with a client, make sure that you are aware of the weekends. There is nothing worse than agreeing on a delivery date, and then finding out that it lies on a Saturday or Sunday. You may not have any problems with working the weekend, but this is not something that a lot of people like to do.

Although I had no plans on working long hours this weekend, you never know what will change when you are a freelance writer. In the end, it will be nice to receive the extra money!

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