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Web or Print Freelance Writing?

Imagine what it must have been like to be a freelance writer before the internet. Your only option was print projects such as feature articles, corporate material, etc. In other words, there was no such thing as web copy, keyword articles, and other projects that are exclusive to the web. To go along with this, freelance writers had to find clients the good old fashioned way: cold calling and query letters. After all, there was no email. Additionally, the lack of email meant that submitting completed projects had to be done via fax or mail.

Are you getting a better idea of the benefits of the internet to freelance writers? As you can see, the online world has forever changed the way that writers tackle their career.

This all leads to the question of: which is better, web or print freelance writing? The answer you get will depend on who you ask. I don’t take one side or the other. I enjoy writing for the web, but at the same time I never turn down a print job (for the most part). Simply put, I have found them both to be lucrative and enjoyable.

Most new freelance writers agree that finding web work is the easier of the two; and I have to agree with this to a certain extent. That being said, many of these aspiring writers never break into print projects because they don’t put in the time. If you want to write for a magazine it takes more work than finding a webmaster that needs a couple keyword articles. You have to put together a query letter, show samples, and of course, find an editor that has a need for you.

Do not feel that you have to choose between web and print freelance writing. You can easily do both, as I do, and make a nice living along the way. In fact, it is fun to take on both types of projects because it keeps things fresh. As you know, there are many projects that fall within the broad headings of “web and print.”

Many freelance writers like to take on the label of writing “web only” content. While this is fine for some people, you are limiting yourself by doing this. Keep an open mind to both types of projects, and it will help you to secure more work and a higher income. 

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