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Web Content Clients: How to find them

Are you interested in web content writing? This is one area of the freelance writing industry that is quite lucrative. Along with this, there are always companies and webmasters on the lookout for writers.

This weekend, I received a couple of emails asking how to find web content clients. While this is a broad question with many answers, I am going to throw out two methods:

1. Online job boards. One of the best ways to find web content clients is through sites like Craigslist,,, and All Freelance Writing. Yes, it will take time to check these sites everyday. On top of this, you will be stuck sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of listings. But if you truly want to find clients in need of web content, this is something that you have to do.

2. Cold emails. This is one method of generating web content clients that many freelancers swear by. The process goes something like this: find a website that you are interested in; contact the site owner or anybody else who you can find an email address for; explain your situation and what you bring to the table; hope that they are in the process of looking for freelance writers.

The thing to remember about cold emails is that this is “hit or miss.” You may send 25 emails with no response just to find that the next two people are interested in hiring you. In other words, be persistent if this is how you are going to find new clients.

3. Referrals. I have found this to be the best way to drum up new online business. Do you currently have any web content clients? If so, ask them to pass your name around to others who may be interested in your services. You may be surprised at what this can do for your business. Word of mouth marketing is essential to growing your business. Make sure you do good work so your current clients pass your name along to others.

Hopefully this advice can help you find more web content clients in the near future. It may be too basic for advanced writers, but those just getting started should find it helpful.

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