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Use the Weekends to work on your own Projects

Are you the type of person who likes to work on the weekends? Although this may not sound like fun, if you choose to work on the right projects it can lead to a very good time. Personally, I use the weekends to work on my own projects. This is not always the case, but it is something I try to stick to for the most part.

When you say your “own projects” what do you mean? For me, this means my blog, new websites I am developing, books, etc. This includes pretty much anything that I am doing for myself, as opposed to a client.

The reason that I prefer to work on my own projects during this time is that I don’t have to be 100 percent on top of my game. I can take breaks when need be, while also working at my own pace. With client work I like to be able to sit down, focus on the task at hand, and complete the project. On top of this, there is no room for error. This is not to say that I want to make mistakes on my projects, but I know there is always time to go back and sure things up.

If you have any time on the weekend for work, think about focusing on your own projects. This is a great way to stay involved while still being productive. Soon enough you may find that your projects are earning just as much as those you are completing for clients.

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