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Two Blog Posts per Day: Making the Move

Since starting this blog, I have made one post per day, everyday. While this may not sound like a lot, it is a goal that I take very seriously. I strive to make sure that readers have something new to think about everyday of the week; even Saturday and Sunday. After about 60 days of doing this, I think that I am finally ready to step up to two posts per day. There are several reasons that I am considering this.

First off, I have received a lot of positive response from readers, and many of them are asking for more posts. Since I like to keep everybody happy, I would love to increase my daily output. I feel that I have the time to do this, and even if something came up, I could always take a step back to one post per day while getting back on track.

Additionally, I have a backlog of topics that I really want to write about. Writing is what I do, and having so many great topics staring me in the face makes me anxious. To me, coming up with new topics has never been a problem, and it seems that I add a few new ones to my list everyday. If I am ever going to get through them all, increasing my output is essential.

Finally, I am hoping that adding more content will help with traffic; both from returning visitors and search engines. If this happens, I can then move forward with some of the other goals that I have for this blog.

I am not totally sure if I am going to make the move to two posts per day, but it is on my mind. By later this week I will definitely have a decision!

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7 Comments »BloggingJuly 29th, 2007

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