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Tips for your First Cold Call

When it comes to marketing your freelance writing skills you may want to consider cold calling. You may not be familiar with this process, but that doesn’t mean you should run and hide. Instead, learn as much as you can about cold calling including how this can help you increase your workload and profits.

Making your first cold call can be downright terrifying. No matter if you are selling freelance writing services or something else, there is sure to be some level of fear deep down inside.

Fortunately, once you make a few cold calls you will begin to lighten up. Soon enough this will feel like second nature – even when you get hung up on.

Cold Calling Tips

1. Prepare a short script so you don’t get confused as the call starts. Try something like this:

Hi, my name is xxx xxxx and I am a freelance writer based in xxxxx, xx. I produce content for several businesses in your area, and wanted to see if this is something your company may need at the present time.

Easy enough, right? Once you receive a response, yes or no, you can move onto the next phase of the conversation.

2. Don’t take a hang up personally. The more cold calls you make the more times you will be hung up on. This should not stop you from continuing forward. While more calls lead to more hang-ups, it also leads to more clients.

3. Keep track of who you call and what they say. This is important for many reasons. To start, you do not want to call the same person time and time again. To go along with this, some people will want you to call them back at a certain date and/or time. It is important to be as organized as possible to ensure that you maximize your time and never miss out on an opportunity.

When you finally get enough courage to make your first cold call, follow these three tips.

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