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Tips for Meeting a Client in Person

As a freelance writer you probably don’t have too many face-to-face meetings with clients or those who are thinking about working with you. But at some point in time you will have to meet a client in person to discuss a new project, an additional business venture, etc.

I do not meet clients in person very often. That being said, I am in the middle of setting up a meeting with a potential client for late next week. Since I have done so before I am not too worried about the meeting or what will go along with it. There are some freelance writers who don’t feel the same way. They are used to communicating strictly via email, and really stress when it comes time to meet somebody in person.

Here are three tips to follow when meeting a client face-to-face for the first time:

1. Dress to impress. You never know what the other person will be wearing, but you can make sure you look your best. Unless the client specifically tells you not to wear a suit you should. Yes, you may be overdressed but this is much better than being underdressed.

2. Take everything you will need. Only you know what materials you will need to have a successful meeting. This can include anything from your portfolio to references to resumes. You might as well take everything you may need just to be on the safe side.

3. Verify the time and place. The worst thing that could happen is showing up late or at the wrong place for your meeting. Be sure to double check this with the other party several days in advance.

Believe it or not, meeting people in person can be a lot of fun. Those who are nervous about this can benefit from the three tips above.

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