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Tips for Better Client Communication

Most of my freelance writing clients stay in touch from time to time. This is not to say that they stay on top of me every hour of everyday, but they definitely check in to ensure that everything is going smoothly, to send more work, etc. As a freelance writer you need to learn how to effectively communicate with clients. This is the truth no matter if you are doing so via email or telephone.

Below are three tips for better client communication:

1. Don’t wait too long getting back to clients. I strongly believe that you should not waste a lot of time checking your email accounts, but when you do get a message you should reply as soon as possible. This will show clients that you are on the ball, and willing to help them when they need it.

2. As I have mentioned before, you should answer the phone if clients call. Some freelance writers are against this because they feel that it will get them off track. While this can be true, you need to remember that you will need to get back to the client sooner or later. If you can comfortably answer the phone you might as well do so in order to take care of the client’s needs at the present time.

3. Listen, listen, listen. Some people want to talk so much that they never take the time to listen to what the client is saying. This doesn’t mean you should keep your mouth shut, and not offer any advice or answers. But you should let the client talk, and then answer them accordingly. You will find that this makes for a more time effective and efficient telephone conversation.

Use these three tips if you want to more effectively communicate with your freelance writing clients. 

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