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Three Ways to Beef up your Marketing Plan

I am sure a lot of you get tired of me talking about marketing your services. But when it comes down to it, if you are going to succeed as a freelance writer you must also be good in the marketing department. If you do not have a good marketing plan to follow and fall back on, you are going to struggle from time to time. Remember, once you find what works you will have an easier time as your career moves forward.

Here are three ways to beef up your marketing plan without spending too much time or money:

1. Make a list of clients that you want to work for. They can be big companies, small magazines, or anything in between. Once you have your list in place, do whatever it takes to get in touch with the person in charge of hiring freelancers. This may mean a cold call, or quite possibly a query letter. Do not stop until you talk with the right person, and establish the next step in the process.

2. Get over your fear of the marketing process. Yes, it can be scary to market and sell your services; you are not alone. But I am not lying when I say that it will get easier once you become more experienced. For instance, your first cold call will be terrifying. But your 100th call is sure to go much more smoothly.

3. Use your website and/or blog to your advantage. If you do not like marketing, why not look for ways to bring clients to you? While I get a couple of inquiries per week through this blog, my other sites do even better. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on your site. Anything that is clean, to the point, and full of information will help to put you on the right track.

With the three tips above, you will be able to take your marketing plan from ordinary to extraordinary. It may take time, but in the end you will be happy with the results that you receive! 

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