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Three Times to Ask Clients for more Work

The best type of freelance writing client is one that sends you work time after time. This is more or less a long term client that enjoys working with you so they always keep you busy. Of course, as you have probably found out, not every client fits this mold. Some will send you work here and there, and others only want to hire you for one job.

If you want to make more money and feel better about your career you should never be afraid to ask clients for more work. Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to increase business and overall success.

Here are three times when you should ask a client for more work:

1. The best time to do this is once you complete a project. For instance, the email you write to turn in a project can be the same one you use to ask for more work. If the client likes what they see it is safe to say that more work will be coming your way if it is available. In fact, if your work is really good you may land another project even if the client wasn’t planning on moving forward just yet.

2. Have you been out of touch with a client for a few weeks or longer? Don’t let clients forget about you. Instead, send a quick email stating that you enjoy working with them and you would love to take on another project if available. Staying in touch with clients is important if you are going to form a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

3. Do you have clients that send you regular work? Can you handle more than what they give you? If so, you may want to ask if there is anything else you can do. Believe it or not, many companies hire several freelance writers. If you show that you are capable and willing to work hard you may be able to pick up another project in addition to your regular work.

It is important to ask clients for more work from time to time. Remember, the easiest projects to land are from clients you have worked with in the past. Once you have your foot in the door you want to keep things this way.

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