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Three Simple Changes to better your Marketing Plan

Is your marketing plan letting you down? Are you finding it difficult to land new clients? If you answered yes to either of these questions you need to make some immediate changes. The question is: what changes should you focus on?

Here are three things you can do to better your marketing plan today:

1. Keep track of what is and is not working. This is the biggest mistake that many freelance writers make when it comes to their marketing plan. They do not know what is working because they are not keeping track. A simple spreadsheet will make it easy for you to chart your successes and failures.

2. Get rid of anything that is not working. Are you spending a lot of time on cold calls but not seeing any results? If so, cut this out for the time being and replace it with something that has been more effective. There is no point in charting what is working if you are not going to use this information to your advantage.

3. Give everything a try. Some writers have a marketing plan, but it only includes one or two methods of generating clients. You need to give everything a try. This includes cold calls, cold emails, your own website, query letters, etc.

If you are looking for ways to better your marketing plan you should consider the three simple changes outlined above. All of them will lead to a better plan which will eventually result in more clients and increased profits.


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