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Three Quick Tips for Aspiring Online Content Writers

Just because I earn a full-time living through freelance writing, it does not mean that this is the path for everybody. If you are simply looking for a part-time gig, you may want to consider securing some of the many online content writing positions that are available. Webmasters are always in search of those who can write effective, SEO oriented content.

Here are three quick tips for aspiring online content writers.

1. Just like anything else, you are not going to get paid tons of money at first. In fact, with my first online content job I was paid $1 per 500 words; that is just about as bad as it gets. Over time this changed, but starting at the bottom is part of the process.

2. Use every method possible to find new jobs. This includes message boards, bidding sites, and “cold emailing.” While you do not want to spam webmasters, if you come across a site that you like send a quick email outlining your writing experience.

3. Online content writing is just as important as any other type. For this reason, you always want to put your best work out there. Some people think that writing SEO articles is not “real freelance writing.” The bottom line is that if you are being paid, you owe it to yourself and the client to do good work.

These three tips will help anybody who is interested in breaking into the online content writing industry. 

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