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Three Non-Technical ways to Increase Blog Traffic

By this time you are probably tired of hearing me say that I have no technical skills. But when it comes down to it, this is something that I have to deal with everyday. For instance, how is a blogger to increase traffic without any technical knowledge such as SEO, coding, etc? Well, this blog may not be getting as much traffic as it would if I were a technical genius, but I have come up with some ways of my own to get the job done.

Here are three non-technical ways to increase traffic to your blog.

1. Quality content will outdo any “technical trick” any day of the week. Of course, you may get more traffic faster if you have good tech skills, but in the long run quality posts will win out. Remember, your readers are visiting your blog for the information you provide, not because you have a vast amount of technical knowledge; unless your blog is about a technical subject, of course. But even then, words power your blog!

2. Meet other bloggers who are interested in the same topic as you. This is a great way to build a network, and hopefully get some links pointing towards your site. Back links are non technical, and one of the best ways to increase traffic.

3. Try to offer information with your own unique spin. Even though there may not be many topics that have not been touched upon, you can surely put a unique twist on everything you write. Simply put, have your own voice.

Chances are that you may have come across similar tips in the past. But as number three states, I hope that putting this in my voice will help you to realize that you can increase traffic to your blog even if your technical skills are not advanced. 

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