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Three Fears Shared by All New Freelance Writers

Jumping into the freelance writing world can be scary. But if you think about it, this holds true no matter what career path you choose. The only difference is that when you are a freelancer you do not have any set income. And that leads me to the number one fear that all freelance writers share: not making enough money.

Starting out as a freelance writer can be scary as far as earning enough money to survive is concerned. After all, you more than likely have financial responsibilities, and quite possibly a family to support. To get past this fear, make sure you have enough money in the bank to help you along early on. If you have at least three months of living expenses saved, you will have plenty of time to jump start your freelance writing career. Even though this is not required, it will definitely help to make the leap less stressful.

Fear number two: not being able to find clients. This goes along with fear number one, because if you cannot find clients you cannot make money. Luckily, there are three options to consider when searching for work. 1. Use bidding sites such as GetAFreelancer. 2. Market yourself to people who may need your service. You can do this through cold calling, email, and by setting up your own website. 3. Search freelance writing job boards everyday. If you rely on all three of these options you should be able to find some work early on in your career. And all you need is a few little jobs to put the wheels in motion.

Fear number three: not making it. A lot of people are afraid to try a career in freelance writing because they think that failing is a bad thing. Of course, nobody wants to fail, but you have to chase your dream career if you are ever going to realize your potential. The bottom line is that until you take the risk, you will never know if you have what it takes to make it as a freelance writer. Forget fear, and go for the gusto!

If you can learn to get past these three fears, you will find that the early days of your freelance writing career are less stressful and hopefully more successful. 

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