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The Topics and Subtopics of your Blog

Most successful blogs concentrate on one large topic area, which is then broken down into smaller sections. Of course, there are varying degrees of this method, but for the most part it is a good outline to follow.

When I started this blog, I decided on three large topics: freelance writing, blogging, and internet marketing. As you can probably imagine, these are three topics that I have a lot of experience with. The biggest key to blogging success is to choose a topic that you love. When you do this, you can be rest assured that you will never get bored. Although there are days when I have to make time to write posts, it is always fine because I love my subject matter.

Within the three larger topics, my goal is to touch on anything and everything that I think my readers will enjoy. For instance, there is much more to freelance writing than what you see on the surface. Subtopics include everything from finding clients to getting paid to writing techniques. As I move forward with this blog, all of these subtopics, and many more, will be detailed time after time.

One of the most difficult tasks for some bloggers is to stay on track with their content. There are times when I have 100 other things on my mind, and many of them are of great interest to me, but unfortunately readers do not come here for that information. For me, the best way to stay on track is to always have a good backlog of article topics. This allows me to research the information that I want to offer, and then put together a quality post. As you can imagine, this is a much better idea than simply thinking of a topic on the spot, and then starting to write with no direction whatsoever.

These are all things that you should think about before you start a blog as well as when you are moving forward. There is nothing worse than building a readership, just to decide that you want to move in a different direction. If this happens, you are more or less undoing and throwing out all of the hard work that you put into the project.

Remember this: you can blog about whatever you want. Just make sure that you love your topic, and that it is large enough to encompass several subtopics. This will help you immensely from post number one.  

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