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The Hours of a Freelance Writer

If I become a freelance writer what hours will I work? It is amazing how many times I receive this question every week. Although it is a legitimate concern, there is no right or wrong answer. After all, I don’t even work the same hours every day.

One of the biggest benefits of being a freelance writer is that you are able to set your own schedule, within reason. In other words, if you want to work one set of hours today and another tomorrow you are able to do so without any problems at all.

Of course, I have an opinion on this subject. Over the years I have found it best to work the hours that suit my clients. For instance, a couple times per week I have conference calls scheduled during the afternoon. As you can imagine, I have to be working during this time. Sure, I could request to change the call but in most cases things work out just fine.

Some freelance writers are intrigued by the thought of being able to work late night hours. In turn, they either sleep during the day and/or head out to have a little bit of fun. This is definitely a possibility, as long as you are not hindering your ability to efficiently communicate with clients.

As of late, my work schedule has been pretty steady. I get started around 6 am and begin to slow down around 5 pm. During this time I take a couple of breaks, and am usually on the phone with clients or prospective clients for an hour or so. Even though I officially quit at 5 pm, I always find myself sneaking back for more work during the evening hours.

If you work as a freelance writer take advantage of the flexibility that comes along with setting your schedule.

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