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The Drawbacks of a Freelance Writing Career

Time after time I talk about how much I love being a freelance writer, and this is the truth. That being said, there are downfalls of a freelance writing career as well. Simply put, I do not want you guys and gals to think that everything is fun and money day in and day out. There are times when I really enjoy being a freelance writer and times when I am frustrated. But as you probably know, this is the case no matter what type of job you are working.

Here are three drawbacks of working as a freelance writer:

1. Working at home can be difficult. While my morning commute is short from my bedroom to my office, it can be tough to work alone all the time. This is why I always make time to speak with clients on the phone, or meet with others when they ask to do so. Some people think that working at home is easy. This is definitely true in some cases, but it can be a drawback at the same time.

2. Like you have probably heard before, freelancers do not have a steady income. For some, this is a definite drawback. Even though I agree that this can be a drawback, I usually don’t look at it this way. Instead, I see it like this: no, I don’t have a steady income, but at the same time my income is not capped. I could earn $5k one month but work harder the next and earn $7k. Could I do this at my past sales job? Of course not. I was paid a set salary no matter how much or how hard I worked.

3. You have to do it all. When you decide to become a freelance writer you will be responsible for everything that has to do with your business. Most of the time you will be writing, but to go along with this you will also be responsible for collecting payments, organizing paperwork, customer service, and much more. Can you multi-task with success?

These three drawbacks are not meant to scare you away from a freelance writing career. Instead, they are here to show you that there are downsides to this career, just like any other.

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