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The Cost of Being a Freelance Writer

There are many businesses that take a lot of money to start up and sustain. Fortunately, freelance writing is not one of them. There are definite costs involved with being a freelance writer, but none that should scare you away from moving forward. Even though I spend money here and there, there are not any expenses that are so large that they hold me back.

You will spend the most money when starting your freelance writing career. This is particularly true if you have to purchase new equipment such as a computer, printer, desk, etc. If you already have all these items you should use them as opposed to buying new. Minimizing your expenses as a new freelance writer is very important, and using equipment that you already have is a great way of doing so.

Of course, this does not mean that you will never spend money once you are established. In fact, I spent quite a bit last year on my business but most of the expenses were not 100 percent necessary. For instance, I spent several thousand dollars on design and coding work for my blog and other projects. I could have avoided these expenses, but in the long run they will help to better my business and increase my income.

While you will spend money as a freelance writer, this industry does not call for large sums in order to stay above water. Once you have the proper equipment and an idea of how to control your career you can keep your expenses to a minimum. In turn, this means more money in your pocket. And that is what you want, right? 

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