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Technorati Top 100K

Since day one I have been tracking this blogs Technorati ranking. While I do not feel that this is the best indicator of a blog’s performance, it does have a bit to offer. On August 11, 2007, I made a post discussing whether or not a high Technorati ranking is something to get excited about. Most people who commented felt that Technorati can be beneficial, but traffic is what matters the most. And I totally agree with this.

The first time that I checked my ranking it was 700,100. Of course, this was a few months back after my first post. As of writing this, my ranking has dropped to 94,996. As you can see, this is not the best ranking, but it does show that I am moving in the right direction. Even more so it shows that other bloggers are willing to link to ChrisBlogging.

Here are three things that have helped me to steadily increase my Technorati ranking.

1. I always take the time to comment on blogs with similar content as mine. This lets others know that I am out there, and in turn, helps to increase incoming links.

2. Do not be afraid to email other bloggers and ask to exchange links. While this may not always work, it has been successful for me a high percentage of the time. You may even get your blog mentioned without having to exchange!

3. There is no replacement for great content. If you provide posts that people want to read, you will increase your incoming link count. In turn, your Technorati ranking will continue to fall.

I don’t really have a goal as far as my Technorati ranking is concerned. But with that being said, I am interested in seeing just how low it can go! 

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