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Technorati or Traffic: Which is more important?

Is anybody else as amazed as me to see that so many bloggers put such a high stake on their Technorati ranking? Maybe I am missing something, but in my opinion I think that increasing traffic is much more important than a silly ranking based on backlinks. But of course, maybe I am wrong.

At the time of writing this, my Technorati rank is 124,330. We all know what this is supposed to mean, but does it really hold any credence? With an authority of 48 I am way behind the most well known bloggers. But of course, this is only based on backlinks; not the amount of traffic that I actually receive.

But I will say this. There is definitely a direct correlation between my Technorati ranking and the increase in my traffic stats. While this may not hold true for every blog, it has for this one for the most part. Since being mentioned on John Chow’s blog last week, both my Technorati ranking and traffic has skyrocketed.

So you tell me: should I be concerned with my Technorati ranking, or spend my time working on increasing traffic? I think I know the answer, but I don’t want to overlook something simple.

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8 Comments »BloggingAugust 11th, 2007

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