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Weekend Quick Tip: Take Breaks to Rest your Mind and Body

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you cannot work nonstop, day in and day out. But guess what? Many freelance writers try doing so nonetheless. I was one of them many years ago, and I still look back and wonder what I was thinking. Simply put, you need to take breaks from time to time in order to rest your mind and body.

The million dollar question is: when to take breaks and how long should they last? There are two ways of looking at this.

First off, you need to take breaks intermittently throughout the day. For instance, I usually work four hours in the morning and then break for lunch. This gives me the chance to step away from my computer while also grabbing a bite to eat. When I get back to work I feel much better which in turn improves my productivity.

Secondly, there are times when you may need to take longer break such as a long weekend. There is nothing wrong with taking a vacation from time to time. Although I don’t take many vacations I have learned that stealing a day here and there is a great idea. Again, this gives your mind and body a chance to rest.

Early in my career I felt that taking breaks was a bad thing because it would slow down my progress. But soon enough I realized that this was an important part of being a successful freelance writer. Taking the proper breaks allows me to maintain my energy while increasing productivity. Are you taking enough breaks? 

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