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Take a Power Nap for Increased Performance

Do you ever get tired during the workday? If so, you know how hard it can be to stay at your desk and forge ahead. Instead of forcing yourself to do so, you may want to take a quick power nap. Even though you are taking time out of your day, once you return to the computer you will feel refreshed.

The main reason that many people don’t take a power nap during the workday is that they are afraid of staying asleep for too long. I like my naps to last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. This is just long enough to rest my mind and body, and to feel refreshed when I begin to work again. If you are worried about “staying under” for too long there is a simple solution: set an alarm. This is easy enough, right?

Another trick I have found to be helpful is sleeping on the couch in my office as opposed to heading for my bed. When I get into bed it feels like I should be there for a long period of time. But when I lay down on the couch I know that I am simply there for a quick nap. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have to walk far to get to my couch.

There is no point in working when you are dead tired. This can lead to health problems, as well as sub-par work. Both of which are issues that you want to avoid. Instead of forcing yourself to work, take a quick power nap. Once you realize the benefits of doing so you may consider adding this “task” to your daily to-do list! 

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