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Take a Break, even if you don’t want to

Anybody who is self-employed is aware that taking breaks is a necessary part of running a successful business. Early in my freelance writing career I attempted to work non-stop day in and day out. While this did help me to recognize success early on, it also burnt me out to a certain extent. Even a few years into my freelance writing career, I still have to slow myself down to take a break. If you do not want to take a break from your business from time to time, keep in mind that this is much better than hitting a wall.

This weekend is the perfect time to get away as a freelance writer. With Easter on Sunday, it is safe to say that many people will not be working on Friday or Monday. This is not to say that a large number of people are taking off, but you may be able to sneak an extra day to make a long weekend. Of course, make sure that you have all of your work lined up before doing this. Yes, you want to take breaks, but you should not miss any deadlines while doing so.

Believe it or not, most clients are receptive to freelancers who need to take some time off every so often. In fact, several of my clients have jokingly told me to stop sending emails and completed projects at night and on the weekend. They know that I am working more than eight hours per day, and hate to think that they are the reason. If you need a day off and are worried about a client getting upset, explain your situation to them. Chances are that this will not be a problem for them.

You do not have to take days off every week. Instead, when you feel like you are burning out or need a little rest, get ahead on your work and take some time for yourself. You may be surprised to find that a little bit of rest will make you a better worker when you head back to the office.

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