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Your Biggest Strength as a Freelance Writer

What is your biggest strength as a freelance writer? If you cannot answer this question something is wrong. After all, the answer to this question has a lot to do with the way you market your services. Some writers know exactly what they offer and why a buyer should hire them. Others are a bit confused in this area. If you fit into the latter group, you should definitely define your biggest strength as soon as possible.

For some freelance writers, their biggest strength is knowledge. These writers know a lot about many subjects. These writers have the ability to accept a wide variety of projects thanks to an expansive knowledge base. Fortunately, the longer you stick around as a freelance writer the more knowledge you will gather. Even if this is not a strength of yours right now, it will be in the near future.

Other freelance writers hang their hat on their actual writing skills. This is definitely a strength that you want on your side. After all, you can be a genius, but if you can’t write you are going to find it difficult to make a living in this industry. Above all else, this is one area in which you want to improve day in and day out.

Believe it or not, some freelance writers feel that their biggest strength has to do with sales and marketing. They know they have the skills to write, and have no trouble finding new work thanks to their background and experience in sales and marketing. This may not be more important than the ability to produce quality content, but it is an area in which you want to excel.

So what is your biggest strength? If you aren’t sure, consider your knowledge, writing skills, and sales and marketing expertise. Chances are that you are above average in one or more of these areas. 

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